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Strategic and policy planning

Strategic and policy planning involves defining a common goal through participatory sessions, agreeing on strategic outcomes, developing a theory of change and determining how the changes should be measured. In the field of justice and human rights, these choices have to be carefully examined taking into consideration ambitions, capacities and resources.

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Technical advice in the field of justice & human rights

Justice Reform works with a large range of stakeholders to encourage holistic and enduring human rights reforms.  We bring together the strong blended experience of working with governments and communities in legal and social protection reform through research, training development and delivery, strategic planning.

Encouraging participation and ownership from all affected  stakeholders underpins my work.


Monitoring & evaluation

How do we measure the success of human rights and justice projects? Methodology and tools ought to be developed in a very pragmatic way in order to ensure the work we are doing is effective. Choosing indicators, developing collection tools, defining methodologies and training staff enables the measurement of change. Our work consists of accompanying agencies in constructing the most efficient and user-friendly monitoring & evaluation frameworks in the field of justice and human rights.

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