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Strategy and policy planning

Strategy and policy planning involves defining a common goal through participatory sessions, agreeing on strategic outcomes, developing a theory of change and determining how the changes should be measured. In the field of justice and human rights, these choices have to be carefully examined taking into consideration ambitions, capacities and resources.

Example: Solomon Islands Public Solicitor's Office 5-year strategy

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Technical advice in the field of justice & human rights

Justice Reform works with a large range of stakeholders to encourage holistic and enduring human rights reforms.  Our highly qualified team offers expert insights into the technical aspects of implementing and managing these reforms, providing bespoke solutions designed to tackle unique challenges. We cover areas such as policy analysis, legal framework development, monitoring and evaluation tools, control facilities assessment, legal research. Our advice is grounded in years of experience and a deep understanding of best practices across these fields. 

Example: Human rights based analysis of the minimum age of criminal responsibility in New South Wales (Australia)


Monitoring & evaluation

How do we measure the success of human rights and justice projects? Methodology and tools ought to be developed in a very pragmatic way in order to ensure the work we are doing is effective. Choosing indicators, developing collection tools, defining methodologies and training staff enables the measurement of change. My work consists of accompanying agencies in constructing the most efficient and user-friendly monitoring & evaluation frameworks in the field of justice and human rights.

Example: M&E framework for Papua New Guinea Juvenile Justice Policy

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Case management

Our case management expertise encompasses the design and implementation of effective systems, the standardization and streamlining of processes, and the coordination of services to ensure optimal outcomes. We guide our clients through intricate legal and procedural landscapes, facilitating more effective resource utilization and promoting informed decision-making. By leveraging our team's knowledge and experience, we aid your organization in driving meaningful, impactful results in these vital societal arenas, while always upholding the principles of justice and human rights.

Example: Juvenile Justice Officers Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines

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Justice Reform provides robust services in the communication field, meticulously designed to support actors engaged in human rights, access to justice, and security sector reform initiatives. We specialize in strategic communication, offering a range of services including the crafting of persuasive advocacy campaigns, refining and developing effective messaging, and fostering capacity-building in communication skills. Our team understands the complexity of these critical areas and is dedicated to promoting your initiatives with clarity, cogency, and reach. We aim to enhance your communication abilities, facilitating better engagement with stakeholders, wider public awareness, and, ultimately, a greater positive impact. In a world where effective communication is essential, we stand by to assist your organization in articulating your dedication to these crucial social justice reforms.

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